How Yolanda Found $1,000 in Savings – Money Clarity

Yolanda Enoch, a lifestyle organizer from Atlanta, Georgia, shares her experience with DailyWorth’s eLearning program, Money Clarity.

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I’m an organization expert: I have a side business helping people make their lives more efficient through smartphones and other personal technology. So I know a mess when I see one, and I could see that my approach to personal finance was pure chaos. But I didn’t know the first thing to do. I needed help pinpointing exactly what was driving my spending out of control, and that’s why I joined Money Clarity.

My first huge learning was that my bills needed some pruning–and that making a few small cuts could save me a lot. For my organization business, I’d immersed myself into a ton of programs and products that I thought would help it be successful. Many of them involved recurring monthly bill payments and, ultimately, I wasn’t using most of them. There was one product that was costing me $199 per month, and I hadn’t touched it in 9 months!

I knew I should eliminate, or at the least evaluate these items, but I couldn’t follow through emotionally because it felt like I was admitting failure. Within the first week of joining Money Clarity, I’d slashed two of the product subscriptions and negotiated with the company that sold me another to lower its cost. I was saving literally hundreds of dollars per month.

My other problem was making impulse purchases–like spending $200 on a juicer that I bought on Amazon without really thinking over whether I’d realistically use it long-term. Thanks to Money Clarity’s insights, I came to the conclusion that it wasn’t a good purchase at the time, and was able to cancel the order before it was packed and shipped.

I’ve also started being very strategic about budgeting, and generally assume I may need to spend more than I actually will. The little moments where I end up making unexpected savings are adding up (literally!) and I can’t even tell you how satisfying it feels. And, yes, it does leave room for well-thought-out splurging.

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