Megan Faces the Truth About Her House

Megan Stern, a single mom, advocate and entrepreneur from the east coast shares her experience with DailyWorth’s eLearning program, Money Clarity.

money clarity

Money Clarity gave me the vision and action to do two things I really had to do as an overwhelmed, newly single mom.

First, to forgive myself for somehow not finding some perfect, elusive and impossible way to mitigate the serious financial impacts of divorcing and suddenly having to support my son on my own. No budget spreadsheet was going to root out that lurking, false “only if” feeling—but this course did.

Armed with that revelation, Money Clarity helped me make the big decision to cut expenses, make my budget more predictable and create a more walkable, accessible life.

And this change wasn’t bitter medicine. It was a powerful choice that I know will lead to freedom. I’m embracing a season that’s about building something new and strong. Cutting back isn’t falling behind—it’s about making decisions that lead to more choices in the future, which as a woman, is true freedom.

Money Clarity upsets the apple cart of the unspoken ideas we have as women, and what we were taught—or not taught—about money.

Real clarity brings change. After the big move, I’ll be setting up emergency and curve ball funds and planning for retirement. The calls and materials have given me so much information and I’m able to go at the pace my life can sustain. I’m right on time. I know if I do my part, provision—and even abundance—are on their way.


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