Womenomics: A Recipe for Corporate Sanity

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Womenomics, a current bestselling book by Claire Shipman and Katty Kay, asks women to question our constraints at work, and to consider that we’re entitled to more flextime. Hmmm. In the first chapter, Shipman and Kay highlight a recent study from Pepperdine University that ties a company’s profits to the number of women it has in senior management. In sum: more women means more profits. The point? Women are supremely positioned in this down economy to reshape workplace norms to better support our need for more sanity and more time for our families.

We each need to step back and ask how can work work for me? And then move forward with a plan to negotiate for less time at work, and better pay for quality results delivered. No more hanging around the office until 5pm because you have to, especially when your son has a soccer game at 3pm. No more five-day work weeks when you really need a third weekend day to catch up with bills and DailyWorth emails (heh). We want assignments, we want to do them well, and we want to be compensated richly. We don’t want to be stuck to a desk chair because it’s how it’s always been.

Womenomics is not just a manifesto for workplace transformation; it’s a an instruction manual. Some noteworthy chapter headings include:

  • Wired for Sanity
  • Confronting the Feminist Ideal
  • Recognizing a NO moment
  • How to Change your Deal
  • Promote Thyself
  • Negotiate from a Position of Fact-Based Strength
  • Use Economics to your Advantage

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