Feel Better About Money

Bored? Putting the Fun Back in Money by Galia Gichon
Ever notice how it seems like everyone else is going on an amazing vacation? And when you sit down at the end of the month and are trying to find those extra dollars for the vacation, you just can’t seem to stretch that dollar enough. One of the keys to making it happen is putting the fun back in your money. How? Follow these easy steps. read more

Ashamed? Shame On You by Dr. David Steinberg
Very few emotions are as destructive to the self as shame. When children are raised by authority figures that use shame as a method of teaching or control, children do not necessarily learn the right way to do things, they learn the right way to hide what they truly feel, think and do in order to avoid directly experiencing the shame being projected onto them. Eventually, if you were raised with shaming parents growing up, you will learn to internalize the shame that they experience, and it becomes a veil not just between you and the outside world, but also between you and your inner self. read more {disclosure: David is married to DW founder Amanda Steinberg}

Sad? A little thing called happiness by David Ronick
When you start a new business, you are making a serious commitment. You’ll be living, breathing, thinking and talking about it ad nauseum for years to come. So, be sure it’s a fit with what makes you happy. Speaking of which, ever stop to think about what truly makes you happy? One person who has done a lot of thinking about happiness is Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, author of Flow. His last name may be rumplestilskinesque, but his ideas are clear as a bell. read more

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