New Gender Gap Data

I read articles like the one below and am reminded why I started DailyWorth, and why I’m committed to building it as a service and as a movement.


Men better at paying bills: study

by Ellen Wulfhorst

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Men and women handle their personal finances much differently, research shows, with men more likely to keep a close eye on their spending and investments and to pay their bills on time.

The gender gap emerged in the results of financial planning questionnaires filled out by some 3,500 U.S. workers nationwide for Financial Finesse Inc., an employee benefits company.

The data show two-thirds of men but just one-third of women said they regularly pay their credit card balances in full, said Liz Davidson, chief executive of the company based in Manhattan Beach, California.

Also, 90 percent of men said they pay their bills on time each month but only 74 percent of women said so, it said.

It said 71 percent of men but 53 percent of women have a handle on their cash flow so they spend less than they earn each month.

More than half of men but just a third of women said they have an emergency fund to pay their bills for a few months if they lose their job, it said.