Famous but Aimless

woman by poolside

We all want money. Some of us want fame, and televised glory. Others want a family, new construction and a white-picket fence. The thing is, real success isn't achieved through desire — it's driven by passion. Without it, it's easy to be wealthy and unfulfilled. Famous but aimless. If things aren't quite clicking, or if you've considered impaling yourself on one of those white pickets, it's time to rethink your definition of success. Truth is, we're not so interested in your definition of success. We're interested in your passion. Find your passion, and redefine your success.

Watch: Author and motivational speaker Lawler Kang speaks on the subject of passion, purpose and work to a sea of googly-eyed Google employees. The video is 55 minutes long, so if you don't have an hour, just fast-forward by dragging the progress bar forward.



Thanks Amber of AmberMayhem Textile for the review: Business Planning for Artists – the Daily Worth.