Shop for Clothes, Don’t Lose Your Shirt

choosing outfits

Oh, glorious department stores and boutiques. Your aisles burst with such colorful possibilities! Your wares call to me like Ulysses and the sirens!

As you’re heading off to Barneys, consider this: wealth has less to do with what you earn and more to do with what you don’t spend. Here are some shopping tips designed to ensure that you have money left over each month to save:

  1. Keep your ideal shopping list of what you want to buy next season in your iPhone, Blackberry or planner, and only buy from your list. That way, as you’re scanning the aisles for a new dress, you won’t be tempted to buy the cute black cardigan, since you already have two.
  2. If something doesn’t fit you (like it pulls a little tight over the tummy), don’t buy it. You won’t wear it. It’s a waste of money.
  3. If you love the style, but don’t love the material, don’t buy it. You won’t wear it. It’s a waste of money.
  4. Make sure you clean your closet before shopping for a new season’s wardrobe — you’ll discover so much you forgot you had (tip from DW reader Carrie of
  5. As you exit the store, take a deep breath, and congratulate yourself for not overshopping. Appreciate your evolution into a responsible shopper.

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