Really Short Money Advice

Dollars in Jars

Trent Hamm, blogger at popular money blog, challenged his Twitter followers to give him their best single piece of money advice in ten words or less. We took Trent’s top fifty replies, whittled down the list, and turned them into this charming work of art. See the original post (and links to who said each tidbit) here.


Know what really matters. Don’t spend money on other stuff. Be content with what’s yours and you’ll always have plenty. Don’t save at 2% when you’ve got debt at 10%. Know what comes in, and what goes out. Be mindful of how you spend money. Don’t walk away from 401(k) match, regardless of debt situation. Live below your means and save all you can. If you try to get rich quickly, you will go broke fast. Diversify. Minimize costs. Stay the course. If you can’t afford it, don’t buy it. Save regularly and spend less than you earn. Learn to love left-overs! Where will you & your stuff be in 100 years? Change one money habit at a time. Save and invest for the long term. Working hard doesn’t mean you deserve anything you can’t afford. Be thrifty but don’t forget to enjoy yourself. A penny saved is more than a penny earned. Keeping up with the Jones’s is plain stupid.


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