Are You Spending Enough on Your Business?

If you won’t take a risk on yourself, others won’t either.

I joke with colleagues that I have a wildly successful blog that isn’t making any money, and I know that has to change. Still, there have been times I’ve felt overwhelmed and scared–sometimes to the point of quasi-paralysis. Am I crazy to step away from an established writing business? What if I fail?

But I know deep down that I have no choice: If I were to abandon my plans to expand into new areas I would regret not taking the risk forever. Worse, if I don’t throw myself into it full-throttle, I will likely find myself with two half-vested, sputtering businesses. In order to move forward with confidence, I need to buckle down, establish a plan and focus on a goal–and to do that I need to invest my effort and passion. I also need to invest money.

Spending money on any venture is risky, and there are never any guarantees. But I’ve learned that the more money I invest in my business–which is also investing in myself–the more likely I am to succeed. Making a PayPal payment to a web designer is an act of confidence in my ability to reap a return on that investment. Swiping my credit card for a business coach empowers my business–and me–to thrive. One of the maxims of effective pricing is that people value your services more if they pay for them. I value my own venture more if I also have a financial stake in it.

I often I wonder how–and if--all the financial pieces will fit together, and that can be really, really scary. But it’s not as scary as the thought of wondering what could have been.

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