No Limit

The Other Side

Whether you’re self-employed or a director in line for V.P., consider how you limit your earning capacity. In a survey to readers, “Client-Attraction” coach Fabienne Fredrickson asked, “What is the most amount of money you see yourself making … not just this year, but ever?” According to Fabienne, the responses were down-right depressing. The 200 respondants declared most-I’ll-ever-make-in-a-year numbers in the range of $50,000 and $75,000. Fabienne noted, “A couple of them wrote in $150,000, but even THAT seemed like a far cry from what I *know* is possible.”


In response, Fabienne created a new spin on an old game she’s calling “Think Like an Instant Billionaire.” The purpose of the game is to tap into every wish, desire, dream, and hope. Suffering from under-earning, and perhaps under-dreaming? Spend 5 minutes and play the game. You’re worth it.

A few of Fabienne’s readers commented on her Facebook page after completing the assignment:

Sandra Gardner: Well, it took me about 15 minutes instead of 5, but I did come up with 100 things! Amazingly, most them are about creating freedom and the time to enjoy my life–they aren’t necessarily things I want to buy. Thanks for encouraging us to do this!

Shona Partridge: Thanks for this Fabienne. What I loved about this exercise was how many things on my list I already have or are easily within reach. Realise I don’t have to be a billionaire to have what I want! Life is aready very abundant.

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