How I Got Schooled on Selling

  • By Kristen Domingue
  • September 17, 2013

Bryan Franklin, my sales course leader, helped me lay the foundational mindset for sales. And Monica Shah showed me the strategies needed to get clients and keep my programs full. That year I had a massive breakthrough that set me up for my first six-figure year in 2012. This year I'm doubling that. Specifically, I’ve learned how to:

  • Ask for money -- and stop feeling bad about it. I did amazing work. I deserved amazing pay. 
  • Stop the negative self-talk about what it meant if someone says no. That awkward moment can become a chance to explore your beliefs about what you feel you deserve.
  • Understand that the amount of time spent in conversation asking for money is directly proportionate to the amount of money I have in the bank. And that no amount of marketing or social media would make up for an inability to ask for money.
  • Market and sell. Marketing attracts the people to you. Asking for money and offering your services is what gets those people to buy. Please hear me on this: No matter how good your marketing or branding is, if you never get around to asking for money, you will most likely not receive any.

What I find most women of my generation struggle with when it comes to selling is a basic belief that we’ve been taught not to need or want anything from others. And if we do, we’d better figure out a way to attain it for ourselves. The problem is that when we sell with this mindset, we make the process too much about ourselves. 

Walking into a sales conversation with our attention on our own fears will guarantee that no one will buy. Your clients are talking to you to find out how they can get their own needs met. Focusing on their needs is what convinces them you’re capable of providing their solution.

Secondly, we’ve been taught that saying to someone, “This is what I do; I know I can help you. Can we exchange money for that thing you need?” is the equivalent of being boastful and not being generous with our resources. But the truth is that it’s the only way we can sustain ourselves as business owners. It’s also the only way our lives become enriched.  

The next time you consider making an investment to change your Web design, social media training, etc. to bring in more clients, first take a look at how many times in the last month you’ve asked for money and invited someone to work with you. It might be time to invest in sales training instead. 

She who asks, receives.

Kristen and DailyWorth founder Amanda Steinberg pow-wowed on sales and marketing for women entrepreneurs recently. In the interview, Amanda provided the foundation for selling your work and a tool to help you get started today. Kristen Domingue is the founder and CEO of Ignite! a brand development company that helps women entrepreneurs create personal brands. Residing in New York City, she is helping women around the world learn how to get paid to do exactly what they love, be exactly who they are and make a massive difference.

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