The Superwoman and Her Spa

I usually discourage entrepreneurs from running more than one business at once. I ran DailyWorth alongside my web programming business from 2009 to 2011. By 9pm, I'd devolve into a delirious lunatic, with no end to work in sight. But, if you're an entrepreneur committed to running multiple businesses, successful role models do exist. I think you're nuts for doing it, but lots of people think I'm nuts too. So it goes when you believe you might be the next Richard Branson.

Meet Angela Jia Kim, the CEO of three successful businesses in the million-dollar+ range: Om Aroma organic skincare, Savor Spa in NYC's West Village (which she's gearing up to franchise in 2014) and Savor the Success, a premium business network for women. The organization supports programs for entrepreneurs that include Savor Success Circles (pods of women who choose one life-changing goal and hold each other accountable), the celebrated Women Entrepreneurs Rock the World conference and the 7-Figure Club, a support group for million-dollar women business owners.

I caught up with her to see how she does it…and why.

Amanda: Girl. Let's get real here. Why do you have to run three businesses? Couldn't you be happy running just one?

Angela: No way! I was a musician with an artist mentality my entire life and always had many sides of myself to express. Being behind one company would be like going to jail for me. In Om Aroma and Savor Spa, I get to create and play with aromatherapy and work with employees who are in the healing arts. I love touching and feeling products…and hearing a cash register in the background.

I always have a surreal moment when someone walks into the spa and knows exactly what she wants, pulls it off the shelf and takes out the credit card. I feel like saying, "Hey! That product came from my imagination, and I created it in my kitchen! Did you know that?" It's always an amazing moment to experience.

Savor the Success is my "give back" to the world. It is the way I teach what I've learned from the School of Hard Knocks. Audrey Hepburn once said, "Remember you have two hands: one to help yourself and the other to help others." Within Savor, I've created the Manifest Method and Savor Success Circles, which teaches business owners how to create an inspired business plan and accountability pods to hold you to your dreams.

And the 7-Figure Club is my way to empower leaders to do something big with their companies and to utilize their "business celebrity" to catapult their businesses and good work to the next level.

What are the two most critical skills or characteristics that allow you to run these three businesses at once have have them be so successful?

I think big and make it happen. Period.

What financial advice do you have for women?

I just can't get over how many women I speak to who resist creating actual earning goals for themselves. As if they have a resistance to specific figures. Own your numbers. Don't be afraid to know what you want financially and where you stand now. Be specific on how you can get there, but be open for your windfall, too.

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