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Yesterday, spotlighted DailyWorth and me, Amanda Steinberg, in its Marketing 911 column. I had the privilege of being mentored by media maven and ad industry veteran Tom Bedecarre of AKQA, an interactive marketing solutions agency. Below I’ve reposted an article from Forbes about DailyWorth in order to comment on the advice Tom’s given me.

See the original article here. My comments are in purple italics.


Compounded Interest: Expanding A Financial Web Site For Women

Tom Bedecarre with Helen Coster, 08.05.09, 01:10 PM EDT founder Amanda Steinberg wants more women to subscribe to her site. We turned to AKQA’s Tom Bedecarre for help.

Six months ago, Amanda Steinberg, the founder and chief executive of Web design firm Soapbxx, launched a new blogto help working women manage their finances. Called DailyWorth, the site sends out a daily e-mail newsletter on topics like choosing home equity loans and minimizing credit card debt. Steinberg came up with the idea after realizing that despite earning a six-figure income for several years, by age 30 she “had nothing to show for it.” Yes, when I turned 30, it hit me: I make good money, but I have no “net worth.” I am not worth anything. Net worth is important. Women should have a net worth we can call our own.

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