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Meet Katie Lee

  • By Katie Karlson, plus tips from our expert stylist partner, Alicia Barone
  • October 24, 2013

Katie Lee

Katie Lee’s vibrant, stylish wardrobe isn’t dictated by her workplace. Her office—she’s a Web content strategist for Jewelry Television—is comfortable and laid-back.  (Lucky.) But Katie, who’s a fashion blogger in her free time, likes to step up her game with bright hues and pretty pieces. As a lifelong Southerner, Katie likes to mix gingham, pearls, and sundresses with edgier, more modern elements.

“I don’t ever want to look like a classic Southern belle,” she says. “But there’s something about that girl that’s very much a part of me.”

What’s your daytime work style?
Our work environment is business casual (it’s jeans-friendly), but I typically like to dress up most days. You can usually find me in heels and a colorful pencil skirt or a fun printed dress. I do dress down some outfits by throwing on a denim jacket or cute loafers.

How do you take your look from office to evening?
I usually stash some glam jewelry in my bag to dress up my work look for an evening date or happy hour with the girls. I often take into consideration what my postwork plans are when deciding what to wear—that makes for an easy transition. Strappy heels, pretty jewelry, or an embellished jacket are my go-tos to throw on after work.

My jewelry favorites are almost always changing. I've been a big fan of stacked bracelets for a while, but lately I’ve shifted to statement necklaces and dainty rings. I’m really loving a bold, sparkly necklace—even better if you pile on three or four at a time! I also am really into slim, stackable rings. They look great spread out or all stacked on one finger. 

What’s your weekend style?
My weekend style is pretty laid back. This fall I’m reaching for easy dresses and menswear-style flats or casual booties. In the colder months I layer my dresses: with a denim vest and leather jacket, or just with a big scarf, a coat, and tights. One of my favorite parts about dressing for the colder months is layering.

What’s your best piece of personal style advice?
Don't be afraid to mix and match unexpected colors. I’m crazy about color and usually try to find an unexpected color combo for my outfits. A summer favorite was purple and orange. I’m not sure what I’ll reach for this fall, but I’m excited to find out.

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