Free Time for Mom

working mom

Last week, a DailyWorth member asked:

"Once school starts, for the first time in eight years, I will have 9am to 3pm
to call my own. Inspire me with possibilities." ~ Susan G.

How exciting for you — a chunk of time to call your own. Here are a few possibilities:

  • Meditate. Spend fifteen minutes a day meditating. Relax. Close your eyes. Breathe slowly. Start your day peaceful and calm, not frazzled and disoriented.
  • Have coffee with neighbor WAHMs. Find fellow work-at-home moms in your hood and organize a coffee gathering to discuss your emerging careers. There's nothing like human contact to inspire creativity and productity.
  • Manage your net worth. You know your credit score, but do you know your net worth? Figure out what you have and then learn more about how to grow it.
  • Tweet tweet. Join Twitter to find other mothers who have just re-entered the brave, new world of free time. Still perplexed by the Twitter phenomenon? You are not alone. Here's a guide to help you get started.
  • Teach a class. Nothing says expert on a resume like "teacher." Cooking, web design, quilting, refinishing furniture, growing vegetables, flower arranging — teach whatever you love and are good at.
  • Become a day trader. You want to do your own investing, but don’t know where to start. Begin by taking a class, such as the online classes at’s Investing Classroom. Supplement any class you take with respected books and Websites. Follow the stock market closely; pay attention to the companies that interest you. When you feel like you know enough to be dangerous — take a calculated risk, a little at a time, until you find your feet. With plenty of practice, education and a little caution, you’ll end up a day trader.

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