My 7 Year Old, The Closer

Sales lessons from our family toy sale

  • By Amanda Steinberg, founder & CEO of DailyWorth
  • October 22, 2013


My 7-year-old son, with his Matt Damon face and Tony Robbins enthusiasm, has a special way of getting what he wants from me. Too often, his wants are plastic toys that he pleads for in the aisles of Target, which I sometimes buy, only to be forgotten days later among the dustballs beneath our living room sofa.

My new-age-mommy wisdom fails to discourage his yearning for new plastic. "Dylan, the joy you seek from the purchase of a new toy is actually misplaced on the toy and can be generated other ways. Focus on what you have, not just what you want.”

Silence. Eye roll. But moooooom.

What’s a financially conscious mom to do? Teach my boy to earn, for starters. Value-oriented spending will come next. So last weekend I decided: We’re gathering as many of his (and his sister’s) old toys as we can, schlepping out to the busy avenue by our street and selling them.

By the end of our three-hour journey, we learned some unbelievable lessons in earning. Here’s a recap.

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