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Meet Alexandra Nuth

Score Her EILEEN FISHER Wardrobe

  • By Katie Karlson, plus tips from our expert stylist partner, Dawn Cassidy.
  • October 31, 2013

Alexandra Nuth

As a management consultant for Accenture, Alexandra has a well-honed wardrobe full of classics with an unexpected twist. She knows what she loves and uses her clothes to help craft a professional yet approachable style that mirrors her attitude and ambitions.

What’s your daytime work style?
My daytime work style has evolved a lot since I started working. I strive to look polished but bold, and I pick pieces that are a little different (a unique shoulder on a blazer, jewel-tone trousers or a pair of my nerd glasses). I try to pick things that look like I’m ready for that big meeting—with a comfort factor that ups my confidence.

How do you take your look from office to evening?
I have an arsenal of nice dresses that I wear when I know I have an evening event. Layered with a jacket or cool cardigan they are great for day, but can easily transition to night.

What’s your weekend style?
My weekend style usually consists of dark denim and one of my signature jackets. I have a ton of that I use both during the week and on the weekend. They are my favorite multitaskers.

What’s your best piece of personal style advice?
Develop a signature style or look to stand out from the crowd. Your customers, boss and peers will always remember you and have a complete picture of your personal brand.

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