A Time for Rest


Our minds and bodies need rest. We’re nicer, happier, more productive women when we feel rested. We see you nodding in agreement.

In Italy and other parts of Europe, everyone stops working in August! While we in the U.S. don’t embrace such luxury, we at DailyWorth toast the European tradition and encourage you to emulate it in any way you can. So here’s your assignment for the rest of the summer: Take a few days off, sleep an extra hour, read OK! mag (that was a call out to the OK! writers we know are reading DailyWorth – holla!), go to the beach, drink an extra glass of Riesling — whatever relaxation means to you.

DailyWorth is going on vacation through the end of August. You’ll still get a daily email, but in a very different form: simple and light. Kind of like beach reading.

So enjoy the dog days of summer, and get some rest!

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