Career Chic Council: Meet Ashley Chase


Ashley works as a library administrator in an academic law library, heading up reference and emergency technologies. “The legal field is generally very conservative,” Ashley says. Meanwhile, “librarians run the gamut from buttoned-up to covered in tattoos with blue hair.” Here, she tells us how she strikes a balance.

What’s your daytime work style?
Because I'm in an academic law library, I have to walk a fine line. I keep my tattoos covered and my hair semi-neutral (platinum blonde verging on gray). My wardrobe consists primarily of skinny black or patterned pants with an oversize blouse or sweater and (always) great shoes. I love pointed-toe pumps right now: simple and classic. I’m a big fan of wedges—the higher, the better. I also love boots of all varieties, but stick to open-toed booties in Florida because it’s so warm!

Wearing one standout element—for me, it’s always shoes—makes me memorable to my students and the faculty, and that’s never a bad thing.

How do you take your look from office to evening?
My usual strategy is to put on more makeup and jewelry (a big rose gold watch, bright leather bracelets, a light cotton scarf) and lose a layer of clothing. The library is chilly, but we often spend our nights outside in the warm air. I change from a blouse into a lighter tank, but keep the same pants and shoes. I also have a few key pieces that I can throw in a bag if I'm going somewhere swankier, including a great leather skirt by Miu Miu.

What’s your weekend style?
My weekend style is not dissimilar from my work style. I wear a lot of skinny jeans and oversize tops with great shoes, and little to no makeup unless I’m going to an event. I’m usually able to make my work wardrobe work on the weekends, which gives me a lot more options.

What’s your best piece of personal style advice?
Be mindful and respectful of the environment you work in, and then find ways to dress like yourself within that environment. I know it’s completely inappropriate to wear my leather miniskirt to work, no matter how much I love it: The faculty would be appalled! 

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Career Chic Council

  1. The Color Block Wedge
    Ashley isn’t afraid to make a statement, and these brushed-leather wedges are perfect for the office or a night on the town.
    Madison Harding Magda wedge pumps, $167, available at

  2. The Patterned Shirtdress
    I love the mix of colors and patterns in this dress. The silhouette is also very flattering and works for most body types.
    Scroll Medallion shirtdress, $110, available at

  3. The Silk Shirt
    Classic and chic—worth every penny. Equipment offers so many colors and styles, but I love the army green since it can be worn with almost any color palette. It will look great with Ashley’s skin tone.
    Signature shirt, $208, available at

  4. The Embellished Pant
    I love the silver mesh detailing on the front part of the waistband. These pants go with everything and can be dressed up with heels or dressed down with flats.
    Embellished pants, $190, available at

  5. The Global Cuff
    I love buying jewelry from artisans around the world. This cuff is handmade in Jaipur, India, and the detailing is exquisite.
    Brass wire cuff, $21, available at

  6. The Tuxedo Tank
    This tuxedo-inspired tank top is perfect for Florida’s hot summers. During the cooler months, Ashley can pair it with a cardigan or blazer.
    The Limited Sleevless Tuxedo Shirt, $49.95, available at

  7. The Leopard-Print Scarf
    You can never go wrong with leopard print, and this gray-hued scarf will keep Ashley looking stylish and chic (and warm despite blasting AC).
    Snow Print Leopard Luxa Scarf, $59.50, available at

  8. The Snakeskin Stiletto
    Snakeskin heels are always a great investment. This pair definitely won’t break the bank—but everyone will think it did.
    Leather snakeskin heels, $119, available at



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