How to Find Serenity. Now

Six research-backed ways to find your Zen in five minutes or less


Ever have those days when deadlines are looming, your son is cranky, your roots need to be dyed and you have six guests coming over for dinner tomorrow night and haven’t even had a moment to figure out what you’re going to serve (much less, prepare it). 

Oh, right, that’s me! 

When I’m feeling this overwhelmed, what I want to do is take a run. Tying up my sneakers, putting on my iPod and doing a six-mile loop of Central Park is the way I decompress and clear my head. It makes me feel energized and capable of taking on the world. Running’s my best medicine.

So, what’s the problem? Realistically, I can’t always spare an hour to exercise in order to decompress. Sometimes I’m lucky if I have five minutes to get it together mentally.

Luckily, I’ve learned, five minutes may be all we need. Researchers have found plenty of easy stress-busters to erase anxiety fast. So I tried a bunch. (They’re quick, remember?) And I had some surprising results.

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