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17 Free Apps That Will Cut Monthly Bills

  • By Emily Co, POPSUGAR Smart Living
  • February 11, 2014

save money apps

Check out these apps that will save you money and won't cost you a cent. Now that's what I call a real deal.

Love Food Hate Waste This free Love Food Hate Waste app generates recipes from your leftovers. Time to throw a fridge party! Get the Android app version here

Key Ring If you have too many reward cards clogging up your wallet, Key Ring will help you lighten your load. You can import your card onto your phone, and cashiers will be able to scan the bar code on your phone without you having to whip out an actual card. Get the Android app version here

BillTracker Stay on top of your bills with this BillTracker app. It will help you keep track of information like when the bill is due, how much the bill is, and whether your payment is automated. 

Wallaby Choose the credit card that will give you the most cash, points, and rewards back with the Wallaby app. You don't even need to submit your credit card numbers, all you have to do is to enter in the type of credit cards you hold.  Get the Android app version here

RepairPal Taking your car in for repairs? Get the best price by checking RepairPal for a price estimate. It can even direct you to a great mechanic and send you roadside assistance. Get the Android app version here

RedLaser This price comparison app will save you a ton and help you figure out where the best deal is at. You can scan the bar code of the item, and RedLaser will show you the best price offered for the product. Get the Android app version here

WhatsApp WhatsApp is a great way to lower your texting bills, and the best part is you don't have to pay for the app. Text as much as you want to your WhatsApp pal, and you won't be charged a cent! Get the Android app version here

Tip and Split Struggling on how much to tip? You don't want to pay too much or pay too little, so nip that problem in the bud by using Tip Calculator Free, a free app that will calculate all your tips for you. Get the Android app version here

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