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Who Needs a Prenup? 4 Things to Consider

  • By Crystal Kulpcavage, YourTango
  • January 17, 2014

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Now that you've achieved success in your career or business, you may find yourself thinking about how you can achieve that same success in your future marriage. And once you start analyzing your likelihood for success, your thoughts may easily shift to what you could do to protect everything that you've built for yourself. And that makes sense... I mean, you're a smart woman and you've worked your tail off to get where you are; there's no reason to put it all on the line now, right? You have a lot at stake and the last thing you want is the potential for a failed marriage AND material losses. "Should I get a prenup?" is a question that crosses most professional women's minds before marriage. Here are a few things to consider.

False Security

A prenuptial agreement does force you, as a couple, to talk about very important topics beforehand. The agreement itself is designed to protect both parties throughout the marriage and in the event of divorce. If having a legal, binding document gives you additional confidence to move forward with the marriage, consider this to be a big, bright, red flag. Whether you feel you only need this protection with your current partner, or you would want it with any partner, this can be a slippery slope on which to build a permanent relationship. If you are not at the point where you can trust that your intended will keep your best interests at heart and honor your wishes both now and in the future, it may not be the best time to get married. But not to worry, these concerns can be addressed and resolved.

Mental And Emotional Division

While expressing what each of you hopes to obtain from the marriage and any concerns or issues you foresee, is crucial to planning to join your lives together, making official decisions defining who each of you are, what you are responsible for in the relationship, and what you own, is like setting an invisible boundary between the two of you before you even embark on your journey together. Focusing your energy on these things plants the seeds for a distanced relationship down the road. This is a matter of life and love — not business. A fully- committed, all-or-nothing strategy can separate the strong relationships from the not-so-strong ones.

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