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Find the Right Balance Between Love and Money

  • By Mark Petroff, YourTango
  • February 07, 2014

balancing relationships and money

Do your finances cause tension in your relationship? In other words, are you human?

Many relationships face intense stress and anxiety over money issues. Perhaps your current relationship is feeling the impact of this connection now. How would you rate your relationship on a 1-10 love and money scale, where one is how loving and passionate your connection is and ten is the degree to which you have mastered your money concerns?

For instance: a 10/10 would be the best of everything; you're in intimate love and ecstatic passion with one another and you feel absolute financial certainty and freedom (where you don't ever have to work, unless you want to, and you never have to worry about your bills being paid, since the returns from your secure and growing investments easily cover any expenses you could have).

This article is for the rest of us. 

Relationships are almost everything in life. Money represents life force and investment of time and energy. In many ways, we trade our life energy for money. So, we need to respect what goes into making, protecting and enjoying money. What it can do for others and us in the way of convenience, creativity and contribution is truly expansive. So, what if I told you there are ways to improve in both love and money simultaneously?

What makes us happy? Pleasure, right? (At least over the short-term) Progress is what really makes us feel happy over the long term. In the love and money game of life, we have both practical and emotionally driven needs that must be met at high levels in order for us to feel like we are joyfully winning in a satisfying way. So, we shall look at both.

To achieve progress in finances and relationships, you must honestly know where you are, get clear about where you want to be and close the gap between the two step-by-step. The gap gets reduced by removing what's in the way, designing a workable plan and taking proven action to hit your target.

Let's take a look at what could be obstructing your passion and pocketbook, how to remove it and how to use proven strategies that can realign your relationship with satisfying love and financial progress.

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