8 Signs You’re House Poor

dw_piggyYou finally got what you wanted. Out of the one-bedroom apartment and into a fantastic house loaded with charm, lots of light, airy rooms — and a monthly mortgage. Suddenly, your dream house feels more like a money pit. Here are eight ways to figure out if you’ve joined the growing ranks of the house poor:

  1. Entire rooms go unfurnished. (Tell your friends it’s a Zen thing …)
  2. There’s a quarter inch of dust on every flat surface in the house.
  3. Going on vacation means visiting rooms in your house that you never enter.
  4. Your monthly mortgage payment is more than 25% of your take-home pay.
  5. You feed the cat every other day. (Mice and birds can supplement, right?)
  6. You invite yourself to friends’ for dinner to save on meals.
  7. Your favorite fun clothes are at least four years old.
  8. You winterize the cracks in your windows with duct tape.

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