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Money Myths that Could Be Hurting Your Relationship

  • By Marina Pearson, YourTango
  • March 14, 2014

Myth #3: That changing your partner's money habits will make it all better
I don't know about you, but wanting to change yourself can be challenging. It might be easier to want to change someone else, but it is definitely not recommended! That's like saying "Once you change, then I can be happy. I will be able to feel what I want to feel." Unfortunately, it doesn't work that way. What I have realized is that when I've wanted to change my husband's behavior, what I am really saying is "If you change, then I won't have to feel frustration or stress anymore!" Living like this will just have you be completely dependent on living a misunderstanding of how life truly works.

Myth #4: Believing that having conversations about your money situation will create more stress
It's never the conversations about money that create the tension and stress. It's how two people come together to deliver the message that makes the difference. If you set the intention that each time you decide to talk about money, you will create a beautiful and sacred space to really listen to one another's concerns, then you are more likely to get the outcome you are looking for.

Truly listening to your partner invites insight and compassion, and will allow for a new understanding of what is true and present in the moment. One thing is guaranteed: If you react without having a conversation, you're just setting yourselves up for a communication breakdown.

Myth #5: Believing that money can give you happiness or security or...
Have you ever stopped to think about whether it's the money or lack of it that makes you feel security or insecurity? Feelings of security or insecurity are just generated from your own thinking in the moment, so it's not actually the presence or lack of money that makes you feel uneasy. Money is only a tool, like a toothbrush. It may add value to your life by what it does, but it definitely cannot generate any feelings! Isn't that great to know?

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