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9 Unexpected Travel Tips From the Experts

  • By Lisette Mejia, POPSUGAR Smart Living
  • March 20, 2014

Chocolate Goes a Long Way
"Always be nice to everyone, and bring two boxes of chocolates — one for the gate agents and one for the flight attendants, because they can make or break your trip. When you give it to them do it with a big smile, be genuine, and don't look for anything in return. If there is a chance they can give you a better seat or service, they will."
— John E. DiScala, Johnny Jet

Your Carry-On Can Save You
"In your carry-on: water, snack, clean undies. No matter what form of transportation you are using to go from point A to B, you'll get thirsty and hungry. I was on a short flight once and didn't take my advice; we ended up getting diverted to another airport, sat around for three hours, and flew back — man, was I hungry and thirsty! And the clean undies . . . bring them and thank me later."
— JD Andrews, earthXplorer

Invest in VPN
"Sign up for a Virtual Private Network (VPN) service. It's cheap and easy and means that you can use public WiFi on your own computer or phone for secure transactions such as banking and booking hotels online with your credit card."
— Janice Waugh, Solo Traveler

Fill Up on Fiber Pills
"Bring fiber pills with you; it isn't always easy to make healthy food choices when traveling, so it's always good to have backup . . . in case you're, you know, backed up."
— Nadia G., host of Bite This With Nadia G

"Staying Safe" Has Different Meanings
"Staying safe on the road is more about your demeanor and character than about taking extra precautions. The best thing is to have a confident attitude while traveling abroad in order to make sure you don't become a target. If there are any times that we are unsure or get stressed out, that is when we often get into trouble. Stay calm, stay confident, and always walk like you know where you are going, even if you're lost."
— Marcello Arrambide, Wandering Trader

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