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Why Entrepreneurs Need to Put Themselves First

  • By Monica Magnetti, YourTango
  • March 26, 2014


Does your head spin with all that's happening in entrepreneurship these days? Social media, blogs, articles, forums, workshops... Do all the opportunities to learn, grow and improve yourself leave you feeling, well, overwhelmed?

Young, keen entrepreneurs — those sponges who take it all in and seize every advantage — are becoming exhausted. As a coach, I'm noticing a trend among the new and brilliant entrepreneurs: their enthusiasm to learn and be involved is wearing them down both physically and mentally.

When I started out 30+ years ago, I too was exhausted. There were far fewer opportunities then, and saying no was out of the question. Now I know how to be discerning in business — and why. My body lets me know that a relaxing evening at home means a more productive day tomorrow.

Smart entrepreneurs understand two basic concepts:

  1. There is only one of you.
  2. There are 24 hours — no more, no less — in every day.

As tempting and brave as it is to want to know everything and take every opportunity offered to you, it all comes back to you. You are the essence of your business, the captain of your ship, the hub that holds it all together. If you get exhausted, the ship sinks.

Sure, when you are young and keen, having limitations is unthinkable, especially physical or emotional ones. Young entrepreneurs are the new superheroes. They do, do, do. They have also learned how 'to be' through yoga, meditation and exercise. Being so well-rounded, many are under the false impression that they can do it all. Yet, they strain themselves, often to the breaking point.

Owning a business is a tremendous and admirable challenge. Even so, if you are young and energetic, if you meditate and exercise, there is still a limit to what you can do. Don't take yourself and your energy for granted.

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