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Meet Jennifer Crone

Score her Kenneth Cole wardrobe

  • By Katie Karlson, plus tips from our expert stylist partner, Alicia Barone
  • April 03, 2014

Jennifer is a freelance event planner and writer who focuses on weddings and corporate events, so all of San Diego is her office. She meets brides-to-be everywhere from churches to the zoo, and when she’s working on a corporate event she usually sets up shop in the company’s office while planning. All that running around calls for a versatile wardrobe that’s fresh and professional in any environment.

How do you describe your daytime work style?

I like to keep it professional while always adding something fun. I think balance is important with an outfit. I like to pair a flirty dress with a blazer or buttoned up cardigan and waist belt. I'll do a chic black pencil skirt with a striped cotton T-shirt and glamorous costume jewelry. It’s important to me that I always look polished while having fun with unexpected choices.

How do you take your look from office to evening?

Sometimes it’s as easy as taking off a blazer and pairing my dress or skirt with a fun leather jacket instead. If I’m wearing a top I like but want to get out of my work slacks, I throw on high-waisted jeans and slip into wedges.

What’s your weekend style?

During the day, when I’m hitting the farmers market or taking my dog to the beach, I like to be ultra comfy in cuffed shorts and a bright tank. At night I glam up in color-block dresses and red lipstick. When you’re dressed up, you stand out— and in the age of career networking, it can’t hurt to be noticed.

What’s your best piece of personal style advice?

My personal philosophy is to wear what you feel comfortable in. I don’t mean leaving the house every day in your favorite sweatshirt from college. But if there's a trend you just don't like, don’t wear it! It’s more important to make fashion choices that suit our bodies and that we feel good in. The best accessory is confidence, not a handbag.

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