Are You Ready to Start Your Own Business?


I am often asked the question “What is the first step in starting your own business?”  A number of things immediately come to mind: Develop your business idea, write a business plan, decide on a business name, find a mentor, work out the finances, and so on. All those details you think about that go along with starting your own business.

But then I really thought about it. When I started my first business what was the very first thing I did to make it a reality? And I realized it wasn’t any of these things. 

The very first step in my entrepreneurial journey was simply making the decision to do it. 

I had no business plan or even a well-formed idea at that point. I just decided that I wanted to do it and was going to do whatever it took to make it happen. And I did. 

Making the decision is such an important first step. It is what will provide the energy and momentum you need to move forward and start taking action to turn your business dream into a reality. Until you make that decision it will simply remain just a dream. 

For me there was no particular path to making my decision. I didn’t take any of those personality tests to find out if I have “what it takes” to be a successful entrepreneur. At that point I imagine the results would have been a big no. I certainly did not dwell on is this the “right time” to start my own business. Having just had a baby bought a house and lost our primary source of income at the time it would once again not have been a favorable answer.

I have come to realize now that if I had waited for the “right time” to start my business I would still be working for someone else in a job I don’t love. I compare it in some ways to making the decision of having a baby. If I had waited for the “right time” where I had the “right” amount of money and the perfect situation I would not have my beautiful daughter. I am so glad I never waited for the “right time” in either of these decisions.

Everyone’s process of making the decision to take the entrepreneurial leap is different and very personal to them.  There is no “right” way.

So, how do you decide?

To help with this decision here are three questions to consider:

What Is Your Big “Why?”
Get clear on your “why” for wanting to start your business. What is the deep driving force behind your desire? Is it to create more freedom and flexibility to spend more time with your kids? Do you want to do work that allows you to share your greatest gifts and passions with the world?

Uncovering your “why” can provide the foundation for your decision.

How Much Pain Versus Risk?
When we decide to take a big leap in our lives such as starting our own business it is often instigated by feeling our current situation is so painful or unhappy that we are willing to do almost anything to change it. As a result we are often much more likely to feel driven to face our fears and take the risks required to make the change we desire.

As moms this often happens when we experience feeling overwhelmed and stress of a demanding inflexible job and feel we are missing out on too much of our children’s lives. Are you feeling the pain of your current situation is worth taking the risk of making change in your life?

What Is the Regret Factor?
How will you feel in five, 10, 20 years if you don’t go for your dream of starting your own business? If you never give yourself the chance to fulfill the entrepreneurial pull you feel? Will you feel regret? Will you wish that you had tried? That you had taken the risk to create the life you truly want versus the life you think you “should.”

If the answer is yes it can be a powerful deciding factor for taking the leap. Regret can be a significant motivator to make changes in our life.

Taking the leap into your own business isn’t an easy decision especially when we are moms. However when we start to look at the big picture of our lives and ask ourselves these powerful questions we may find the inspiration we need to turn our entrepreneurial dream into a reality.

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