4 Key Ways to Create Brand Loyalty

  • By Carrie Ford Hilliker
  • April 30, 2014

3) Be consistent. A brand’s voice is not just its quippy tagline. It is communicated through every piece presented to your customers, from photography to packaging. It’s important for each aspect to communicate the same message, whether that’s irreverent and artisanal or clever and snarky. The clearer and more consistent a brand’s messaging, the more trusted the content. No one likes surprises, especially from a business they frequent. When you are thorough with every tiny detail, you are telling your customer you don’t cut corners and that you take their business seriously.

One example: On her blog, photographer Sarah Yates has gone to great lengths to present a consistent brand message from content to graphics to affiliate partnerships. In addition to her well art-directed photography, she maintains a very consistent voice and personality in her posts. She is also careful to associate herself with only bloggers and brands that complement her brand’s look and feel. This attention to detail presents a clear picture of what her brand’s about.  

4) Stay accessible. Whether it’s the way a CEO wears Vans and speaks casually on camera or the way a company’s Instagram stream somehow feels super personal, the more accessible a brand is, the more traction they’ll get from their audience. Consumers want the chance to get to know a brand. 

I think fashion designer Emerson Fry does an amazing job at letting her audience in just enough to maintain a bit of mystery, while also making them feel like she’s the kind of girl they’d meet for brunch. She integrates active social media accounts into her approach, from debuting collections on Pinterest to simply keeping links to all her accounts in her main navigation, demonstrating that social media is not an afterthought. Her simple, poetic blogging style also feels conversational, personal and unedited. It’s these (important) little details that allow customers to get to know her and the brand. Sometimes that’s all it takes.

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