Working on Your Dream Business? Get a Job!

May 06, 2014

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Seven years ago, with certification in hand and high on my new-found health, I decided: It’s time to quit my full-time job. I had just graduated from health coach training and was certified to finally pursue my dream job: coaching people. I’d improved my own health dramatically, and I liked the power in knowing I could change someone else’s life for the better. 

I was also at a crossroads at my full-time job. I enjoyed my job and adored the people. The work was meaningful for me, and I was making more than I ever had. However, my role at the organization needed to shift to better serve the needs of my department. There was an entirely new set of skills I’d need to learn in order to assume my new role. 

Logically it seemed like a smart idea to learn what they needed me to, keep my job and health coach on the side, but there was something inside of me that just didn’t want to do it. I wanted to move in the direction of coaching. And this new role seemed to take me away from it. 

Simultaneously, the opportunity to move to San Francisco with my partner came up — a city that was far more into holistic health than Boston was at the time. Plus, our new rent was half the rent I was paying in Boston. (Gotta love rent control.) I felt the universe was telling me to just go for it. I left my consulting job with no real plan and no significant savings. I leapt...  

And fell, hard. 

I know, that’s typically the part in the story when you’d expect me to write about how glad I was that I dropped everything to pursue my passion and how everything just fell into place once I stepped on the path to my dream job. 

But I missed a crucial step in the process: the bridge job. It’s only in hindsight, now, that I understand how much that would have benefitted me — and my business. 

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