Working on Your Dream Business? Get a Job!

May 06, 2014

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Personal Brand Development Expert

A bridge job is an interim job that pays for your bare necessities while you build your dream business. Whether or not you’ve got money saved already to put toward your business, these jobs can provide the wings you need to soar after you make that leap into entrepreneurism. 

Looking back, I know that I struggled more than I needed to that first year because I didn’t set myself up with a bridge job. I didn’t have the resources to invest in the support I needed to get my business going. I made barely enough from my new clients to cover groceries, rent and public transport. 

I was fortunate to have some help from a business coach, who worked with me for four months. But figuring out my marketing strategy, business model, target market, and how I was different than every other health coach in town — plus getting the confidence to just start selling my work — took longer than four months to learn. And I hadn’t saved enough to invest in a coach and support myself as I worked to fine tune my business. 

If you think you can just quit your job then start a business at home that will, in 90 days or less, start supporting you, itself and the lifestyle you want, you’re wrong. It won’t even happen in six months. (I thought it might, but I’ve since learned that’s very very rare.) Even if you’ve saved up six months of expenses or a full year of expenses, there’s still a lot of benefit to getting a bridge job. Why? 

Because you need to invest in your own education, marketing and team in order to grow your business. Building a website does not a business make. And you don’t want to dip into your savings (which I see happen far too often) in order to invest in your support. 

The clients I see who use their savings are racked with guilt about it. They are terrified they’ve made a mistake when the money doesn’t come back to them right away. They see the number in their bank account getting smaller and smaller before they bring in any new money, and as a result, their fear is fertile breeding ground for a scarcity mindset. (Also not the most client-attractive.) 

Having watched my clients who do get bridge jobs (and seen the error in not having one myself that first year) I’ve noticed that people with bridge jobs grow their businesses faster and with more ease. I’ve also noticed not all bridge jobs are created equal. Here’s what you should know.