My Spending Hiatus So Far

Today's guest blogger Jenny Newcomer is a busy mom of 2 and the founder of LobotoME {eco-friendly organizational products} – For more information visit at


Today's guest blogger, Jenny Newcomer, is the creator of LobotoME {eco-friendly organizational products}

We all need to take a break from buying new things once in awhile. I've found that a spending hiatus is a great way to not only reduce my bills for a period of time, but also a way to analyze what is truly important in my life. During prior spending hiatuses, my family & I found ourselves at home more together, cooking, relaxing, playing instead of going out to eat, going shopping because we were bored, and reassessing our financial priorities.

I first learned of the concept of a spending hiatus via the blog Simple Lovely.  She went on a self-imposed 3-month spending hiatus earlier this year. Some of her readers joined in, many watched and waited to see what she had learned in the process. After she wrapped hers up, another set of bloggers spear-headed by Aimee of the blog Mostly Mod began a "remainder of the year" spending hiatus — 8 months long! Some chose to have a "No Spend Weekend" or a "No Spend Month", only paying for housing, utilities, food & gas for a shorter time frame.

I joined in, but made a few exceptions — some travel, some unfinished house & landscaping related expenses, birthday & holiday gifts (that aren't homemade), and I vowed not to by any "un-necessary" items. If I found we did need something (eg. Sam new sneakers), to try a thrift store first. I am 4 months into it and have been doing really well, for the most part.