How I Went From Unemployed to Running a 6-Figure Business

June 11, 2014

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Adda designs and teaches classes on digital job skills

Step 2. Where There’s a Need, There’s an Opportunity

My experience got me thinking… if I — an African American Studies and Art major — could learn tech skills, anyone could do it. It was hard, sure, but only in the way that learning anything new is hard and confusing at first. It definitely was doable, and I quickly found the process of learning so enjoyable that the experience alone was worth it. So why weren’t more people learning digital skills? 

The new team that I joined ran digital marketing at MTV. It quickly became clear to me that the women I worked with would be SO MUCH better at their jobs — and would make more money and move up faster in the department — if they had a greater understanding of the tech side of the business. Instead, without the tech know-how, they were effectively designing and pitching campaigns to advertisers without understanding how those campaigns would come together. 

There was tons of information out there, but I knew from experience that by and large the material about learning to code was terribly boring and unsexy. That seemed like such a lost opportunity because it was propagating the idea that tech was dry, boring, and not creative.

What would it take, I wondered, to make my co-workers be interested in learning digital skills?