Why You Should Get Your Product to Market ASAP

July 16, 2014

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Author of Quiet Power Strategy. Business strategist for idea-driven businesses.


Have you ever poured your blood, sweat and tears into a product only to see it flop when you finally announce it’s on sale? Odds are, it’s a quality problem. It solves an actual problem for your customers. Your customers might even love the idea of it.

But it just doesn’t sell.

In over five years of coaching business owners on how to generate more revenue with less work, I’ve seen this scenario over and over again. It’s demoralizing, exhausting and expensive, especially when you’re in love with your product. Often, it’s the very reason people seek help with their business to begin with.

And that’s why I encourage business owners to take their ideas to market as quickly as possible.

Don’t wait until you’ve perfected every last feature. Don’t wait until the design is flawless. Get it in the hands of the people who matter most right away.

So how exactly do you do that?

1. Think about the people you want to help.

Understanding your customers isn’t about generalization, it’s about personalization. Traditional customer profiles ask you to generalize what you know about who you serve. Instead, I ask clients to think about individual people. Who exactly are you creating this for? What problem or need is at the top of her mind right now? What would be most important to her about the solution she buys?

2. Move on to the idea itself.

Where do new product ideas come from? They come from the people you want to serve. You listen for the details they’re describing about the problem they have; you look for the ways that they’re trying to resolve that problem. And you figure out what information or tool they’re missing based on that data.

That information or tool is your new product.

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