Should You Start Your Business on the Side?

July 16, 2014

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A question I frequently get asked by people who are starting businesses is: “Should I keep my stable income from my job while I get my business going or should I quit my job and just jump in, no holds barred?” My answer is always, it depends. 

I hang out with a lot of people who talk about manifesting. I talk about it quite a bit myself, actually. There’s a common idea in the spiritual/personal growth/manifesting world that when we have a big dream (like starting our own business) we should jump and then the net will appear.

I love this idea for many circumstances. However, not everyone has the risk tolerance to handle cutting ties with their steady income and going full time with their business right away. That’s a lot of freaking pressure.

So, in order to answer the question of whether you should stay in your job while you get things going or put all your eggs in your business basket, you have to first answer this question: How do I perform under pressure?

Think back to moments in your life where you were under a tight deadline or in a do-or-die sort of situation. Did you rise to the occasion? Did everything crystallize into profound productivity and effective action? Or, did you collapse under the pressure? Did the anxiety created by the situation cloud your ability to think clearly and function optimally?

I have friends and family members who are rock stars under pressure. Their best selves come forth when they’re in a tight spot. I, however, tend to have a meltdown when under extreme pressure. I cry. I stress. I get anxiety. And my whole body feels like it’s wrapped up in knots.

Which one do you most identify with?

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