The Best Times to Buy Big-Ticket Items

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Savvy shoppers know the best time to get linens is during January’s white sales and that July is a great time to buy swimsuits. But how about the purchases that will really dent your wallet? Do you know — or think you know — the best time to buy a car? A laptop? Furniture? A TV?

Evolving retail trends mean that the ideal time to buy many of these items has changed. But knowing when to buy pays off, since in some cases you can cut your purchase price in half. Here’s when to buy:

Home Furnishings
The best time to buy many items for the home tends to be during holiday weekend sales, like Independence Day weekend or Labor Day weekend, says Lindsay Sakraida, features director at DealNews. Many department stores host big sales and coupons that stack with discounts for bedding and home goods. This is a particularly good time to look into buying a mattress, as they can be marked up to 50 percent off, Sakraida says.

Look to the end of the summer to find the best deals on seasonal items such as grills and patio furniture. The deals get bigger the longer you wait, but the inventory gets thinner at the same time. If you want to shop from a good selection of styles, consider looking in mid- to late August before inventory has been picked over, says Sakraida, adding that you may find discounts of 60 percent off or more.

Late summer and early fall used to be the best time to buy a car, as dealers tried to make way for the new models. These days, though, many carmakers don’t follow the old seasonal roll-out schedules, says Jessica Caldwell, senior analyst at car comparison site They may introduce models at any point during the year.

If you want to get a bargain on a new car, it helps to research when the new models will roll out, Caldwell says, and time your purchase accordingly. The exception is luxury cars, which still follow the old schedule. That makes late summer a great time to buy the current year’s model. 

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