5 Ways To Protect Your Relationship From Financial Damage

August 08, 2014

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When I read the words we put on the page, my stomach started to feel queasy.

I silently recited my mantra (“What would I tell a client to do?”) and put my pen to paper, scrawling my name across the black line. A few minutes later, our co-tenancy agreement was all done.

Without getting too mushy, I have to tell you: I love my boyfriend. He’s one of the most amazing men on the planet, and he’s the best father. I seriously couldn’t have dreamed of a better partner to go through life with. 

We aren’t married, though. Maybe we will one day, but the decision is ours to make.  

Married or not married, we’ve certainly had a plan. We bought a home a few years ago with three bedrooms and we were lucky enough to have a baby right when we’d planned.  

However, as my partner likes to remind me: We make plans, God laughs. Which brings me back to 2012 when I was queasily signing an agreement that spelled out the division of property if things went downhill. 

Protecting yourself in a relationship isn’t about being defensive, secretive or putting up walls. It’s about being smart and loving yourself and your partner enough to determine what’s fair, both now and in the future. 

Here are 5 ways to protect your relationship from financial damage.

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