Tell Us Your Holiday Survival Plans

shoppingDear Readers,

Your 40+ responses to Amanda's post last week ("Amanda's Money Coma") have inspired us!

Given the interest so many of you showed in Amanda's own dilemma, we think it's time to open the floor. We're planning a series of future dailies based on the real stories of readers' money struggles and triumphs.

There's something schizophrenic about being mired in a colossal downturn, with reports of rising foreclosures, bankruptcy rates and, lately, escalating credit card debt—alternating with the holiday pep rally to S-H-O-P!

While there are many of us who are fortunate to be employed or otherwise on steady financial ground, some of us aren't. This is one holiday season we'll remember as a time when we're not only wrestled with our own concerns, but when we did things differently for other people's financial well-being, too.

So…how are you coping? Whether you tied a rock to your credit cards and tossed them in the river or you've found creative ways to celebrate the season, let us know! We can't wait to hear.

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