Amanda’s Money Coma, Part II of III


Amanda Steinberg

Me, hiding from my bills …

Last week, in “Amanda’s Money Coma,” I shared my recent financial debacle with thousands of women. To my delight, most of you cheered me for exposing such a personal and awkward situation.

Before I describe our scramble to resolve the issues, I need to address some questions that surfaced after last week’s post:

  1. We do have an emergency fund. Many of you were aghast that I, founder of a website about personal finance, do not have a savings account. We do. We just hate to tap into it. We think of it truly as money for an emergency. Our recent bad planning doesn’t really count as such.
  2. I am not perfect. I founded DailyWorth not because I’m a certified financial expert, but because I wanted to learn about the dynamics of wealth building. I do publish articles I know a lot about, like earning. Everything else is written by our team of experts — MP Dunleavey, Galia Gichon, Cristina Adams, Manisha Thakor, Kathy Ivens, Claire Poole, Mikelann Valterra, Mary Reed, Gerri Detweiler and many others writing for DailyWorth.


Now, back to those bills …

Somewhere around October 30th, I opened 4 bills to the tune of:


  • $4,860 bill from my accountant
  • $2,500 unpaid transfer tax notice on an apartment we sold two years ago
  • $625 bill related to a surgery my husband had a year ago
  • $3,000 for new windows to replace our leaky, crumbling, century-old windows

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