CEO of Duke Energy Doesn’t Think of Herself as a “Powerful Woman”


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Lynn Good, CEO of Duke Energy, doesn’t think of herself as a "powerful woman." Someone needs to read DailyWorth. (NPR)

BREAKING: Women’s clothing sizes are ridiculous. (Time)

Paul Krugman of the New York Times thinks that a Hillary Clinton-Elizabeth Warren presidential ticket would be awesome. We agree. (HuffPo)

Small businesses overestimate the cost (and underestimate the gains) of providing paid maternity leave, such as less turnover and absenteeism — and more happiness. (Bloomberg Businessweek)

By not taking advantage of your paid vacation days, you're essentially working for your employer for free. No really. (The Guardian)

Melinda Gates wants to invest in women and girls, and she’s got deep pockets. (Fortune)

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