British Infographic Manages to Be Sexist and Racist in One Fell Swoop

  • By Koa Beck, DailyWorth’s Senior Editor
  • October 28, 2014

The do’s and don’ts of business formal (not to mention business casual and business festive) are worth revisiting for a reason: They can be illusive and change as often as the business landscape (see: Silicon Valley, land of hoodies and flipflops).

But apparently, they haven’t shifted too much for, a UK web hosting provider, that gives business attire advice straight out of “Mad Men” (and not in a good way). The company’s infographic, entitled “What to Wear to a Business Meeting” provides pretty routine advice for men: wear a suit, get a clean haircut, “think classic than trendy,” etc. But when giving advice for the ladies, recommends female professionals “keep hair smooth and simple.” As a professional lady who does not have “smooth and simple” hair, but rather coarse curls for days, the message is that non-white hair is somehow unprofessional. We definitely do not need any advice that contributes to this racist notion.

But wait, there’s more.

Other advice for women includes “wearing a daytime appropriate perfume,” because no business meeting is complete without your sweet, feminine smell to wow your employees.

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