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Is Your 9-to-5 Turning You Into the Walking Dead?

walking dead

What really amazes me about “The Walking Dead” isn’t that people survive in a postapocalyptic world, but that they want to. The laundry alone looks exhausting.

And yet while you’re not (currently) surrounded by a hungry herd of reanimated corpses, you might very well be living like Rick and Maggie: starting and ending each day in fear.

That’s because you have your own “zombies” to contend with — slow-moving, persistent, loathsome problems that keep surfacing. They may come in the form of money or health issues, work tension or your mother. Look away from your screen for a minute and dozens of emails lift their hungry heads. Your social media, text messages, to-do list, all of it can feel like one groaning mass, sucking the life out of you.

My point is this: When you feel like you’re doing nothing but getting by, then you are the Walking Dead.

The difference between surviving and thriving is the quality and duration of your focus. If you’re on edge and worried about getting through the next day, you’re in survival mode. When you can see further and experience the moment more deeply, you begin to thrive. Any stress expert will tell you that to do this, you must engage your relaxation “muscle” — and that requires training and practice.

Here are three of my favorite, and maybe surprising, ways to go from surviving to thriving (and shift out of zombie mode).

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