The (Female) Cost of Living

It sounds almost silly: A survey of drug store goods, in the January issue of Consumer Reports, found that items aimed at women tend to cost more—sometimes 50% or 60% more.

What's disturbing is how pervasive and financially poisonous the so-called gender price bias is—especially when you consider that, on average, women earn about 23% less than men with comparable credentials.

Some other examples:

  • Women are 32% more likely to pay more for their mortgages than men, according to a 2006 Consumer Federation study.
  • Health insurance companies regularly charge women 22% to 50% more for care, according to recent Congressional testimony.

It almost sounds like a conspiracy. Women are generally paid less, yet from moisturizer to mortgages, our cost of living is significantly higher.

Why? Because we can't add? Because corporate America knows that women can be financially manipulated more easily than men?

You Tell Us: What are ways that you're being overcharged, why do you think women pay a premium for basics, how can we take back our money and use it to enrich our lives and our futures? Leave a comment below.

With thanks to Consumer Reports.
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