Sinners Beware the Shopocalypse!

rev_savitri_choir_370x280Are you addicted, conflicted, hypnotized and CONSUMERIZED by the demon monoculture of materialism?

PRAISE the Lord and put away your credit cards, people! The Reverend Billy Talen-head of the Church of Life After Shopping–is here to SAVE you from path to eternal debt!

Seriously. The Rev. Billy and his partner Savitri D, co-director of the Life After Shopping church and gospel choir, are on the road this month promoting their new documentary, "What Would Jesus Buy?", produced by Morgan Spurlock (who chowed his way to fame in "Supersize Me").

They took time from their soul-saving schedule to enlighten DailyWorth about their mission.

What exactly is the Shopocalypse?
It's the nightmare of total commercialization, when everything around you—all the objects, your personal life, the weather—they've all been monetized, everything is an occasion for shopping.

This seems like the worst time to preach the anti-shopping gospel.
Christmas symbolizes the beginning of change. You don't have to buy a gift to give a gift. The sheer volume of communication we're getting indicates a massive shift in our culture. People are receptive to the message of stopping shopping as never before.

How can the faithful survive the oncoming Shopocalypse?
Don't believe the hype. News anchors say people are "afraid to shop"—but maybe they prefer not to shop.

Flex your muscles. Pick one thing you can do. Flex your human muscles. Flex your citizen muscles. Remember that real satisfaction in your life comes from somewhere else, not what you get at the mall.

Say, AMEN, sisters!

"What Would Jesus Buy?" is streaming FREE on, and you can watch the trailer here:

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