5 Powerful Ways to Prosper in 2010

illu_2010So many money resolutions are ho-hum (pay off debt! make a budget! floss!). Here, a few fresh steps that will really turn your financial life around this year.

  1. Spend time on your money. It's the most overlooked equation in personal finance: Time begets money. Invest an extra hour per week on your money this year, and you will be amazed (swear) at the returns.

  2. Learn daily. Spend five minutes a day boosting your financial IQ (hint: by reading DailyWorth, you're doing it). In one year—365 X 5 = 1,825 minutes—you will have racked up 30 hours of money smarts.
  3. Snowball your goals. It's tempting to start 2010 by aiming for a big win. Instead, tackle small money goals now, and build momentum toward one or two big ones later in the year.

  4. Live for tomorrow. Researchers believe the brain is hardwired to value present gains—causing many people to shortchange their own futures. Aim to save 20% of your income this year, 1% at a time.
  5. Demand money that reflects your worth. Boosting women's earning power is a core DW mission. Help the cause. Charge more, negotiate harder, up your rates. At the very least, ASK.

Tell us about it: Which step will be hardest for you? Which seems easiest? »