Join Save UP! DailyWorth’s 2010 Saving Challenge

save UP!Ready, set … JOIN Save UP! on DailyWorth, a year-long, savings initiative that will help every DailyWorth member build her net worth.

You now have thousands of women (all of us)—your built-in cheering squad and advisory board as you save (and unravel why it can be such a [email protected]#$%#&@! challenge).

You’ve heard a kazillion times that people need to save more, but women need to save more than most. Why?

  1. Two-thirds of women lack an emergency fund that would cover their bills for a few months, according to a 2009 survey by Financial Finesse.
  2. Less than half of working women have access to a retirement plan through their jobs, according to a June 2009 report by the Women’s Institute for a Secure Retirement.
  3. Of those that do, only 72% participate!

How to Participate

Participation is free, voluntary and quite low-tech. It does require some effort on your part.

Step 1. Declare Yourself. Copy and paste The Pledge below into a comment below. Modify The Pledge text to be whatever works for you. Choose an alias if you’re concerned about privacy: Our website is indexed by search engines.

Step 2. Identify Your Savings Account. Set up a new and distinct savings account (it should have it’s own account number).

We recommend The ING-DIRECT Orange Savings Account – no fees, no minimums.

Step 3. Automate a transfer of funds. You’ll learn more about this in The Pledge below.

So let’s get started. The Pledge below is also repeated here, where you can leave the comment. Wouldn’t it be great to say that DailyWorth collectively saved $1,000,000 this year?


Copy and Paste The Pledge into a Comment below:

The Pledge
Yes! I pledge to save in 2010.

Yes! I already have a savings account that I would like to contribute to, or I will set one up. I am calling this account my ___________ (choose: Emergency Fund/Curve-Ball Fund, or anything you’d like to save toward) savings account. I will set it up by this day:_____________.

Yes! I will automate this savings by setting up a transfer to happen on the __th day of every month.

Yes! I will start by saving 5% of my monthly income, or an amount that I am comfortable with, specifically $_______ a month.

Yes! When I am confronted by fear, or hypnotized by the latest sale at ________________ (name favorite store), I will choose my future and save instead.

Yes! I will be patient with myself, and I won’t let small set backs keep me from reaching my goal of $_______ saved by December 31st, 2010.