Personal Account: Danielli, Part I

danielli-headshotShe has a good income, heinous debt, she's planning her wedding and—oops!—her fiancé just quit his job. DW reader Danielli wants off the financial rollercoaster, but how? Here the first installment in her new blog for us.

My name is Danielli. I'm 29 years old, living in Florida–and on paper I look great.

I have a master's degree, a full-time job and an above average yearly salary (about $60,000). But underneath the "You go, girl!" exterior lies a bumbling financial idiot.

As I write this, I only have $30 in my savings account; I'm late on three of my monthly bills and I have over $60,000 in debt (yes, that would be the same as my yearly income).

I suppose it could be worse, but I'm having a hell of a time trying to make it better. I'm bipolar when it comes to money management–great one month, absolutely pathetic the next.

I want off the roller coaster.

I'm not looking to be a millionaire–I just want to have the financial freedom and stability to pursue my goals: Start my own business, have kids, have the ability to feed those kids something other than ramen noodles….