Cheap, Quick Meals

aviva-goldfarbYou know the Six O'Clock Scramble: that dreaded, end-of-day moment when you realize—holy fishsticks, Batman!–you have nothing planned for dinner.

Should you dash to the store? Pray to the gods of leftovers? Aviva Goldfarb has a smarter, tastier idea: Let her plan your meals for you.

Cheaper than ordering pizza and almost like employing a personal chef, "The Six O'Clock Scramble" is a cookbook, blog and weekly subscription service concocted by Goldfarb, a mother of two who was once as frazzled as you.

"When people say they hate cooking dinner, mostly what they hate is making all those daily decisions," says Goldfarb. "My system saves time, saves money and saves a lot of space in your head."

Sign up for the weekly Scramble menu and you get five easy-peasy meals (move over, Rachel Ray), and you also get—bliss!–a grocery list. The combination strips stress from your week, and may put money back in your pocket.

Many SOS readers report that their grocery budgets drop by 20% to 25%. "We also save because we eat out less often, and we're not running to Whole Foods for prepared meals," says Scramble subscriber Bob Loeb.

The Scramble system also wastes less food, Goldfarb notes–another money saver. "If the average household throws away 15% of the food they buy, that means for every $100 you spend, you're wasting $15."

At $29.50 for a subscription for six months worth of meals (less than the cost of two pizza deliveries), the Scramble is still a bargain.

Between now and February 20th, DailyWorth readers get a special subscription discount.

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