Got Budget?

Weekends are hard on the ol' budget—especially if you don't have one. To get your spending and saving in synch, try this stress-free method, created by Galia Gichon, financial planner and author of the "My Money Matters" kit.

To make things even simpler, we took Galia's Spending Smarter Plan and turned it into a Google Template. Access it by clicking here (you'll need a Google account if you don't have one), and click the "Use this template" button in the top left to begin adding your own numbers. Just highlight the sample numbers, and write-in your own as-accurate-as-possible amounts.


The Spending Smarter Plan is courtesy of DailyWorth regular contributor Galia Gichon, MBA, a financial planner in New York and author of the "My Money Matters Kit," and founder of Down-to-Earth Finance. Check out her classes and podcasts!

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